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Electric Motor Repair

Expert analysis of AC and DC motor electrical and mechanical functionality in shop and on-site (license no. 286497) in all types of operating environments.


Rewinding with our automated Samatic 2780 winding machine, Repairs properly performed, with failure analysis and best practice recommendations for reliable and efficient operation. We keep things moving for a long time.

Generator Repair

Analysis and servicing the generator end of an industrial, large engine-generator rated up to 13,800 volts Sloan has the experienced personnel and sophisticated test equipment to be the trusted partner with your generator service team.

Pump Repair

With the motor service, Sloan has been doing pump repair on all types of centrifugal and axial flow pumps, be it submersible, immersible, waste water, potable water, hazardous environment and others.


When requested, we can also do the removal, the installation (license no. 286497) and commissioning.  One Stop Service, we know when we service all of it, we own it.


AC and DC motor controls. Shop and on-site (license no. 286497), manufacturing and servicing motor control systems.  Since 1983 Sloan has furnished, installed and commissioned AC Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) from ABB, Control Techniques, Danfoss, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Vacon.


Sloan understands the design and application of the motor and the load being controlled by the VFD. One Stop Service, we keep things moving.

Dynamic Balancing

We don’t like dancing equipment. We offer shop dynamic balancing service for rotating assemblies with a mass from several ounces to 17,000 lbs with our three Schenck hard bearing balancing stands, with CAB940 analyzer.  And yes, we do site balancing with vibration analysis from our CSI 2140 analyzer. We keep things running smooth.


Our machining services for our service work, we have to control the quality, is also available for your work.  All conventional machines.

Insulation Testing and Analysis

Insulation analysis requires calibrated, precision measuring instruments with engineering analysis software and trained personnel to accurately assess motor and generator insulation condition.

Sloan uses multiple Electrom ITIG 12KV and 15KV high output instruments and the 30KV Power Pack for assessing motors and generators from 12VDC to 13,800VAC.
These are non-destructive tests performed upon equipment receipt, after winding treatment and again prior to final delivery.


Onsite testing is also available.
All testing is documented and the final test report is delivered to the customer.

VPI Processing

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation of motor and generator rewinds with epoxy resin.  We also make this service available to other manufacturers.  We help to keep you moving also!

In Our Shop

Our highly skilled technicians are able to perform an extensive array of services within our 15,000+ square foot shop near downtown San Diego, California.

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Electric motor removal/installation

Generator removal/installation

Pump removal/installation

VFD replacement

Laser alignment of pump/motor or generator

Motor control service

Vibration readings of pump/motor or generator

Power Quality Monitoring – Powerside Logo and equipment photo

Thermography readings

Winding Insulation Testing and Analysis of installed motor or generator

CoolBLUE product application

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