5 Benefits of Predictive Electric Motor Maintenance

5 Benefits of Predictive Electric Motor Maintenance

Electric motors are efficient, powerful, and effective machines, but they’re not immune to occasional malfunctions, gradual deterioration, and minor hiccups. That’s why electric motors need regular maintenance to help them work up to their full potential. And by choosing to put a predictive electric motor maintenance program in place, organizations can address minor, preventable issues that, if untreated, could lead to bigger disasters.

Issues such as excessive heat and broken bearings can affect a motor over time. But catching issues like these early on with a predictive electric motor maintenance plan can extend the service life of a machine and reduce the chances of catastrophic motor failure.  A predictive maintenance plan can also minimize safety hazards to your employees, drive profit, enhance productivity, and reduce unnecessary expenses in the workplace.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s important to have the right predictive maintenance process in place.

1. Address Issues Before They Become Urgent

In today’s fast-paced business environment, timing is important. Nothing is worse than working on a large project and finding out that your electric motor has come to a grinding halt. It’s even more frustrating to discover that the cause of your downtime was a minor matter that basic predictive maintenance could have fixed.

One form of predictive maintenance for your motor can be to schedule a monthly check on the lubrication. Lubrication is a crucial component for motor performance, and if not properly maintained, could lead to serious damage. Implementing preventative maintenance measures can ensure that minor problems never have the chance to become catastrophic.

2. Increase Equipment Lifespan

Time spent on predictive maintenance practices can support the longevity of your equipment. Using tools like infrared analysis can detect faults in the connections of an electrical motor. This type of predictive maintenance can uncover abnormalities in motor mechanics before they have a chance to have an irreparable impact on efficiency.

3. Improve Motor Performance

Persistent predictive maintenance not only helps motors last longer, but it can also improve their performance. With continuous use, motors slowly begin to lose their functionality and become less efficient and reliable. Choosing a predictive maintenance plan can help slow this deterioration process by catching minor issues as they arise.

4. Prevent Costly Downtime

Predictive maintenance is a strategy used to reduce or to eliminate unnecessary downtime. Determining the root cause of failure can reduce the wait time for expensive replacements and repairs on your electric motor.

If you can identify which machines or motors might start deteriorating in the near future, you can schedule any repairs or replacements during downtimes for your company. Scheduling maintenance during these lulls can help to minimize unforeseen work loss.

5. Save Money and Energy

Predictive maintenance can save you money. You won’t need to spend money on costly replacements and complex repairs caused by major issues. You can also prevent the repercussions of unscheduled downtime due to a damaged electric motor. While it’s possible that unforeseen issues may still arise, the likelihood of any serious errors will decrease with regular support from a professional.

With a predictive maintenance plan in place, you can also save money on your energy costs. When electric motors malfunction or become worn out, they draw additional electricity to perform up to usual standards. But with properly maintained equipment, you can eliminate this problem and keep overheads low.

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